Christine is the ultimate killer vehicle movie, quite simply because it has it all: Great one liners, amazing rock soundtrack, John Carpenter, hot 80s tail, and the most cherry red killer car known to man.

It is always nice to revisit the classics once in a while. I hadn’t seen Christine in years, but that last experience was very memorable. I was at a friends’ house for an evening of wine and cheese when out of nowhere the rumble of a car engine shook the house. Was it an earthquake? A hurricane? No, the rumble was coming from the living room. My friend’s father, a charming gent who himself had no less than 3-4 large glasses of wine, had revved up the iconic film. As we entered, he repeatedly reminded us that Christine ‘was such a bad ass film.’ But he wasn’t done yet, oh no, when his enthusiasm wasn’t immediately equaled he stopped the movie, turned up the sound (as if we couldn’t hear it from 2 blocks away already), and rewound the film to the part that ‘was so badass’, and made us watch it again.In his opinion we must have missed it because obviously if we had beheld the badassness, then we would have matched his zeal. And of course by imposing us to re-watch the scene we would surely come around to his side. Have I mentioned I love this guy! Of course, my friend nearly died of embarrassment. I on the other hand enjoyed every second. Ahh, the memories.

John Carpenter directed this gem and brought to life the malevolent car like no other before or since. Let’s face it, without Carpenter at the helm this could have easily been another Maximum Overdrive or worse. Interestingly, he took the job for this film after The Thing bombed (Yes, bombed!) at the theaters. What was wrong with the movie going public back then?

I should invent a time machine and transport people from the 80s into today’s world and make them watch the garbage in theaters today. You thought The Thing, one of the Top 50 horror movies of all time, was bad? Wait until you see House of Wax starring Paris Hilton.

Anyway, as opposed to actually reviewing this film I will leave you with my favorite one liner from the movie.

“I want to have deep meaningful sex with her.”

Snore Factor ZZ

IMDB 1983


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