The Car

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I am kinda torn on this one. I like it, but if Christine is the comparison then it finishes a distance second. Then again, I am not sure that is a fair comparison since there is a shortage of quality killer car movies. I guess the best way to describe it is saying that if there were loads of killer car films, like say slasher flicks, this film would most certainly have its own little niche among the best in the group. As it stands, there are so few films to compare to that it seems to get left in Christine’s dust.

Essentially, the film is about a possessed black sedan on a murderous rampage through a small desert town and surrounding area. A local sheriff (James Brolin) and some people are on a mission to find the car and stop it from killing.

This is another fine film that uses the “let’s not explain how the car came to be possessed” school of filmmaking; which as you know if you read my reviews– I love. There is no need to explain why something is demonic and wants to kill. I get it. We all get it. Let’s just get on with the killing and screaming bits.

Unfortunately for gorehounds, as the car wreaks havoc on the small town folk there is nary a drop of blood – hence the PG rating. That shouldn’t sway you from watching though; just be prepared. The focus is placed on the people and when they die there is actual concern on the behalf of the other members of the town. This isn’t some killer car slasher flick with and endless supply of disposable victims (well there is one hippy that I am glad ate it).

The biggest flaw in the film maybe the soundtrack; which I found distracting and/or cheesy at times. The movie is presented as a serious, straightforward piece of horror, not a cheese fest of stupid music that is sometimes becomes. The car itself is quite frightening and well done.

Decidedly tame by modern standards, The Car still holds its own and is a worthy edition to any killer car night, especially if you tire of splatterfests.

Recommended to most.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1977

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