Maximum Overdrive

If there was such a thing as a B-Movie hall of fame I am most certain Maximum Overdrive would make an appearance. It’s goofy. It’s bloody. And it’s stupid.

I happen to like this movie very much. In fact, I was in a bidding war with some douche on eBay recently for an original one sheet poster. I lost and the douche won. If you happen to be the douche who came in during the last second and stole my poster I would like to let you know that I pray for a slow and painful death for you and your family each night. No joke.

The movie itself stars Emilio Estevez, some random people, AC/DC, and a semi truck with a big scary green face on the grill. The plot involves a comet that leaves behind a weird green substance that floats over earth for several hours. The powers of the comet dust does exactly what you expect it to do; turn all the machinery in the world into bloodthirsty human killing bots. Duh!

There really isn’t anything to dislike in this movie so I will keep this short. Watch and enjoy.

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 1987

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