The Gate

After 10 days of Killer Car Movies I wanted to watch a movie that I love. A movie that feels like hanging out with an old friend. A movie that reminds me of simpler times, ya know, when people still had real sized backyards.

The Gate is one of those nostalgic films that has never gotten old. Oh, Stephen Dorff has aged and become a novelty. And the special effects are not exactly special anymore (not my opinion). But none of that matters in this wildy entertaining 80s flick that showcases all that was virtuous and honorable in horror cheese during the decade.

The plot centers on some kids left to their own bidding by their parents for the weekend. There is Glen (Stephen Dorff), a rocket obsessed good kid who is right in between a child and a teen, his older sister Alexandra (typical teenage girl stereotype), and Terry, a friend of Glen’s whose mother recently left and whose Dad works all the time (Basically on his own).

The kids unearth a large whole in the backyard that just so happens to unleash the fury of some demons that are “older than the Bible” and bent on death and destruction.

Through nothing short of a miracle, Terry discovers his favorite 80s hair band just so happened to put out an album that explains the history of and how to destroy the demons. What luck! Cheesy as it may be the film is an absolute blast.

The film also contains, for your pleasure, a random levitation scene, a dead dog that moves from place-to-place, some nice face melting special effects and crazy stop motion animation. All the makings of what I like to call awesome.

The giant demon fight near the end of the film will always be one of my favorite scenes. The demon is smart and it takes a good deal of effort to, well, I don’t want to spoil it.

The film isn’t super scary by any means, I would liken it to another one of my favorite kid horror movies, Monster Squad. Both great films, in fact, I would say these are my John Hughes movies; screw Sixteen Candles.

Snore Factor: Z

IMDB 1987

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