Night Angel

Oh boy! After watching this one I felt rather concerned over the message the film establishes. That lesson being, all women, even female demons, are just interested in being on the cover of fashion magazines.

That is the plot to the film by the way. An ancient demon is resurrected, as hottie, and then uses her wiles to infiltrate a top fashion magazine with the goal of scoring a cover shoot. Really. Only Sarah Palin has done more recently to set the gender back.

However ridiculous the plot is; the movie itself does contain some solid moments. Early in the film, the demodel (short for Demon Model) takes a guy back to his house, seduces him, starts to screw him on his bed, with his wife asleep in the SAME bed, while his kid watches from the door, and then brutally murders the whole lot. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything that original or gruesome from this of all films.

Scream Queen Karen Black (Burnt Offerings) eventually gains control of the fashion magazine. One step forward for women. Then, Karen is also seduced by the demodel and gives into it’s every need, because she is a weak-minded woman. Two steps backwards.

The gore is rather gruesome and features a pretty nifty heart removal, several nice blood splatters, and a couple inventive death scenes. None of which are for the faint of heart.

The middle portion of the film drags, though, if you like boobs I bet you will be able to make it through the film just fine. Night Angel is chocked full of nudity, mostly in the form of female frontal.

The acting varies from terrible to mediocre with no characters given any depth to work with. I was particularly disappointed with Karen Black, who not only gave an uninspiring performance, but also looked about as well as she acted.

While the plot is stupid, at best, Night Angel is worth a look if you are in the mood for boobs and blood.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1990

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