Nomads? Should be called Bore-me-to-sleep-mads. Pierce Brosnan stars in this yawner about mysterious evil spirits that glide around the human world in the form of punk rock kids.

Now, before you throw an egg at me, this film could be enjoyable. In fact, I think the ideas presented ARE interesting. Basically, the movie is better to talk about than to watch. And maybe upon multiple viewings (it is very heady) the film would gain more coherency and thus present a more enjoyable experience.

Brosnan plays a French anthropologist who over the years has spent his life anthroplogizing (I like to make up words) around the world. He takes a teaching gig in Los Angeles and, along with his wife, settles into urban life. That is, until he dies in the opening scene.

Yes, the old boy dies right off the bat, but, that doesn’t stop him from being the focal point of the entire movie thanks to a wonderful invention called flashbacks. The doctor who was at his side upon his death begins to have haunting flashbacks of the subsequent events that led to Mr. Brosnan’s untimely death.

Ted Nugent did the soundtrack for this film. I am not sure what that means. I do know, however, that Ted Nugent is certifiably crazy. Also, Pierce Brosnan is not French, yet he pretends to have a French Accent. Can you guess how good it is?

With so many layers and rather confusing execution; I tended to wander off to my own flashbacks, or what I like to call The Land of Nod. This made the film much harder to follow I imagine, than say, if I had stayed awake through the whole thing.

There were a few tense moments that gave me rise, including a scene where a creepy Nun does a good job at being creepy. The punk kids (aka nomads) ruined it for me as they look incredibly dated and not the least bit scary. Really? Punk kids are the devil? How unoriginal.

If you like dull heady films about punks; I would still recommend finding something else to watch. On the other hand, if you need something to help you sleep; then Nomads is a winner.

Snore Factor: ZZZZ

IMDB 1986

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