Lesbian Vampire Killers

With a film titled Lesbian Vampire Killers one may have concerted thoughts about what to expect from the film. Am I going to get vampires that are lesbians who enjoy killing? Lesbians that kill vampires? Or even a group of people who specialize in killing lesbian vampires. It is almost enough to throw a person into a deep existential cavern from the depths of which there is no return.

Lucky for you, I watched the film and can say without a doubt that the film is about lesbian vampire killers (the third scenario listed above). Now that we got that out of the way; let’s talk about the film.

If you took Shaun of the Dead and Army of Darkness and added many fantastic breasted women you might come up with this film.

The film is a horror/comedy, heavy on the comedy, so don’t expect to be scared. And for a movie that boasts such an audacious title; there was a relatively small amount of lesbianism, and even more importantly for the average person watching this movie, a major shortage of boobs. Yes, there is only ONE very brief, albeit hilarious, scene of nudity.

That doesn’t stop the girls from being super hot. Every single woman in the film is a testament to the beauty of women. I couldn’t even choose which one I liked the most. Kudos to the casting director.

The plot. Oh yeah, there is a plot. Two guys, one obnoxious, one average, embark on an adventure to a town that happens to sacrifice tourists to the lesbian vampires. They team up with a van full of hot girls and a priest to rid the world of said lesbian vampires. It is all cheese, all day.

The dialogue is witty and often hilarious (“probably get bummed by a gay werewolf”) and makes the viewing experience worthwhile. This is definitely one of the better horror/comedies I have seen in quite some time.  The British are becoming the masters of horror/comedies. Too bad they can’t play soccer.

One thing, the sound was poorly mixed on my copy. Songs and special effects were way too loud when compared to the dialogue. I can’t stand bad mixing; nothing takes me out of a movie faster.

If you are looking for a nice, well-executed horror comedy than look no further. Dare I say, Lesbian Vampire Killers drives a stake through its competition.

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 2009

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  • http://www.3amfright.com 3amfright

    I might just have to look into this movie. Been a little hesitant about how they would treat the lesbian vampires (is it over campy or just campy enough) and how they would use the comedic aspect.

  • http://365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    I didn’t think I was going to like it, but found it very enjoyable in that Shaun of Dead kind of way. Over the top? Yes, but still fun.

  • Bluegrasslass

    The two leads (Horne and Corden) are very famous in the UK for a TV comedy drama called ‘Gavin & Stacey’ co-written by Corden and co-star Ruth Jones.
    I can highly recommend it, but you might have trouble with the Welsh and Exxes accents!

  • http://365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    Nice. I just added the first season of “Gavin and Stacey” to my queue. Appreciate the suggestion, I usually love UK comedies.

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  • http://www.filipinorecipe-tv.com/ Philippine Food

    I never heard of it or seen it. Is this shown world wide? When was this?

  • http://www.365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    It should be out on DVD everywhere by now.

  • Katherine75

    Best three British vampire comedies ever:

    1 – Lesbian Vampire Killers
    2 – The Vampires of Bloody Island
    3 – I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle (although not strictly a vampire film)

    Your DVD collection isn’t complete without these three gems!