Evil Clutch

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Evil Clutch is absolutely terrible. Not in a good kind of terrible. No, this is the kind of terrible that is all too frightening.

What starts off as a rather promising story quickly turns into a dark moment for cinema, literally.  For most of the film the audience is left in the dark trying to guess what is happening on the screen. I thought this was a rather unique way to present a film. We may look back someday and realize that a genius was at work here. Or not.

Right from the opening credits I knew the acting and writing was going to be atrocious. How so? Well, the film begins with a series of photos being dropped one on top of another. They depict the featured couple visiting various locales throughout Europe. They voice over each clip with some seriously hackneyed dialogue. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t drag on as long as Family Guy joke. You know the one, where Peter skins he knee and then sits there for what feels like ever. Yeah, take that but make it not funny or amusing and you have what it feels like to watch the opening title credits.

Scene from the last half of the movie

The couple from the credits continue their journey through some village. They pick up the first hitchhiker they see, of course, and try to help her out. They all end up in a nice little village. The hitchhiker is scared away by a strange man in the town. He befriends the couple and takes them on a hike. After that night falls in both the film and your viewing device of choice.

I believe the couple is continually attacked for no good reason other than being lunch for the evil woman but making that guess is a large assumption. Note, when filming in the dark the use of lights may be advisable.

Along the path the young couple end up in a cabin similar to The Evil Dead. If I had to take a guess (sarcasm), I would think that Raimi’s masterpiece is the inspiration here. Considering this is an Italian production I was astounded that this film wasn’t better. Where is the crazy gore? The splatter? The ocular violence?

The only people that will like this film are the Tromaheads and let’s face it, their taste in movies should be discredited by all sane people.

Snore Factor: ZZZZZ

IMDB 1987  Italian Title: Il bosco 1

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