Demon Hunter

Half human. Half Demon. All bad.

Demon Hunter stars Sean Patrick Flannery in the titular role. Demon hunting sounds cool. A half demon, half human working for the church to hunt down and kill demons sounds cooler. Throw in a super sexy succubus and it gets even better. Unfortunately, with everything all the goodness in order, the film still manages to fall flat.

The story is essentially a buddy cop movie where the two cops hate each other at first and then slowly develop a warm and loving friendship. Here, the Flannster is teamed up with a “virginal” nun and sent on a mission to go kill the bad demons.

Most of the movie involves the two partners bickering about their belief systems, which is almost guaranteed to bore any and all viewers. There isn’t much in the way of horror or cool demon moments. The film, instead, chooses the sex filled route and does so in a poorly contrived manner. Did I mention I really wanted to like this film?

If the in fighting of the two main characters isn’t enough to turn you off, the special effects most likely will. It is a low budget affair, but no creativity or special care is shown on the effects side. Also, there is a decidedly low amount of gore. Yawn.

Let’s face it. This is simply not a good movie. All the right pieces are in place but nothing memorable comes from the viewing experience.

Skip this one.

Snore Factor: ZZZZ

IMDB 2005


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