Blood Hook

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I wanted him to die from the second he appeared

I intentionally watched this film today. In fact, I was very excited to watch this film because I thought it featured a giant fish that “fished” for humans. I was wrong.

The official IMDB plot summary says, “…After a sufficient number of deaths, the killer is finally revealed.” That may be the least imaginative plot summary that I have ever read. Could they try to make the film sound less interesting? Doubtful.

Alright, lets get down to the fishy details. As I mentioned, the film is not about a giant fish that is on the prowl for humans. It is, however, about a serial killer that uses a giant fishhook to catch his human prey and then reel them in. Yes, he actually catches them just like fish.

She is actually doing the "8 minute arms" workout

What I found to be the most mind-blowing part about this movie was the primary lesson I learned. That lesson being, if people end up in the snare of a giant hook, they immediately begin to mimic fish behaviors. This includes thrashing around, trying to swim like a fish, and making fish faces. I was as surprised as you.

The plot centers on a guy and his four friends visiting a lake during a fishing competition. It’s not often that I root against EVERY character in a film to die, but Blood Hook managed the feat. I was yelling at my television for the deaths to come more quickly and with progressively more violence.

Unfortunately, the death scenes in the movie are outrageously dumb. Every death involves the following setup: A giant hook is thrown, off camera by crew person, at an actor that is on or near the water. The hook never comes close to the actor, but that doesn’t matter because the person always ends up entangled. Then, the evil fisherman reels his victim in by using his fishing pole. We could have a detailed conversation around the logistics of this, or we could just down tequila shots instead. Your choice.

There are a couple funny one-liners in the movie. My favorite being, “It’s the 80’s man, everyone is wearing cool stuff, even the fish” in regards to a fish a guy caught that had a pink hair clip attached to one of its fins.

One piece of trivia, the film was distributed by Troma and produced by the guy who eventually created Mystery Science Theater 3000.

This one is on Netflix Instant view, I suggest catching it, that is, if you are a guppy for this kind of carp.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1986

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