Hellraiser II: Hellbound

Because there wasn’t enough gore in the first film. The motto for Hellraiser II: Hellbound? More. More blood. More guts. More mind-bendingly hellish images.

Picking up shortly after the first film ends, Kirsty (Ashely Laurence) is spending a little time within the padded walls of a mental institution. And after what she experienced in the original, this seems about the most logical place for her.

Unfortunately, for Kirsty, but fortunately for us, her doctor does a little dabbling around with things he shouldn’t and brings back the evil bitch wife from the first film. All hell breaks loose, literally.

The plot, however, is a little weaker, with too many characters being just perfect for their role. A girl that happens to be super good at solving puzzles and the doctor who already had a pre-existing obsession with the infamous puzzle box. A little too coincidencey if you ask me.

That doesn’t stop the film from being palatable. The “more” motif is present in everything. There are more of the Cennobites, including the backstory to Pinhead thrown in as a bonus at no extra charge. And of course, more disgusting images. Rarely in this film does a minute pass without something incredibly disturbing and bloody occurring, which really is the crowning achievement of the film. Take that, Italian filmmakers!

The special effects are much better than the first go round. Chalk it up to a bigger budget if you must, but there are no denying the advances. The puzzle box’s lightning animation is no longer as cheesy as the fingers of a WoW player that lives in his Mom’s basement.

When Pinhead utters, “…Your suffering will be legendary even in Hell” I still get chills. Oh, Pinhead. You are so awesomely terrifying. Please don’t sign on for a whole bunch of terrible sequels. Wait. What? Damnit.

If you like guys juggling their own eyes, then Hellraiser II: Hellbound is for you.

Snore Factor: ZZ
IMDB: 1989


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