Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

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Hellraiser III reminds of those Taco Bell commercials that star Charles Barkley. “It’s not turrible”, but you could do a whole lot better.

Instead of continuing to build on the distinctive, gloomy, and visceral feel of the first two films, the director decided to set the film in a decidedly cheesy 80’s rock club. Nothing carbon dates a movie worse than bad music. Mistake numero uno.

Pinhead takes a LARGE role in this film. As opposed to being a scary as hell killing machine with a penchant for amazing one-liners, he now routinely spews Shakespearean-length soliloquies and clichéd garbage. This is pretty much the last thing that needed to happen to our dear old friend. Mistake numero dos.

Instead a unique and compelling storyline involving the fate of those who mess with the puzzle box, the movie degenerates into a mass killing fest with little to no reason. Pinhead and his fellow Cennobites run around the nightclub killing and maiming the good people of New York. At one point, Pinhead uses his mind to slam doors shut, lock down the club, and fire CDs into the crowd with gruesome results. Yes, Pinhead, master of the creative kill, goes the Carrie route. Mistake numero tres.

Beyond all the sucking, the film is tolerable, though rarely engaging. This is essentially the film responsible for ruining the entire franchise. Sadly, if you are fan of the franchise you know all too well that this film is still much, much better than some of the latter fair in the series, in fact, as Charles says, “It’s not turrible.”

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1992


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