Horror Love and Awards

Time to hand out some much deserved love to some others in the wild world of horror blogs.

First of all, big thanks to Matt at ChuckNorrisAteMyBaby.com for passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to yours truly. Matt likes to watch bad movies on the Syfy channel while he is hungover and also shares my love of Fright Night. And if that’s not enough, he runs a hip-hop dance crew out of his bathroom. Check him out.

So, there are a few rules around receiving an award. First, thank the person that gave it to you. Then, list 7 interesting things about yourself, and finally, pass the award on to 15 other worthy blogs and let them know you awarded them. 15 is a bit much in my opinion, so I will just list my favorite blogs of the moment, right after I force you to read about me.

1. I once tried to create a portable swimming pool by filling up my Mom’s car with water via a hose lodged in the crack of the passenger side window. Yes, I did get in trouble. No, her 1981 Dodge Colt did not hold water.

2. I never liked Michael Jackson. For clarity, I didn’t like him before or after he became a child molester. Burn in hell, Wacko Jacko.

3. I firmly believe the 1980′s were the greatest period of time for horror movies ever while simultaneously being the worst decade for everything else.

4. My Boston Terrier, Ash, is named after a famous horror icon. And ’tis true, Ash is smarter than most girls I date.

5. Speaking of women, my blog has LITERALLY become my girlfriend. Having to watch and write a review every day for 365 days is tough. A lot of sacrifices have to be made, significant time is eaten up, and the thought that the whole thing is a bunch of horse shit frequently crosses my mind – just like a real relationship.

6. I bitch about remakes as much as the next guy, but try to be proactive in both supporting and creating original horror (I simply pretend remakes don’t exist – my revisionist history only recognizes one Last House on the Left for example). I am also in the midst of writing, producing, and directing several horror shorts, and predictably, a couple feature length horror films that I promise won’t suck.

7. I occasionally rock out to “More than Words” by Extreme.

Onto the blogs that earn the award according to me:

1. 365Horror - I got the idea for my site from Geoff. He is my long-lost friend from across the pond. We should get together and talk horror someday over a pint.

2. Guts and Grog Reviews – He writes all his reviews drunk, which makes for some excellent reading.

3. The Reely Bored Blog – Good guy with some interesting perspective pieces on horror topics.

4. Hey! Look Behind You! – She represent horror loving chicks. She already got nominated for this award, but whatever.

5. From Midnight, With Love – Mike liked Predators, therefore can be my friend.

6. Less Than Three Film – Had the balls to watch all the Leprechaun movies.

7. The Horror Digest - SHE’s got a nice long list of reviews for your perusing.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Andre

    Thanks! One thing though–I’m a girl! ; )

  • http://lessthanthreefilm.blogspot.com/ Liam

    Thanks for the shout out Micah – much appreciated!

    I’m with you when it comes to remakes – especially any released in the last five years or so. But even Craven’s Last House on the Left is a (loose) remake of Bergman’s Virgin Spring, so gotta allow some leeway there.

    Excellent blog though, thoroughly enjoy visiting your site.

  • http://365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    @Andre – Oops, threw me off a bit, nothing a quick edit can’t fix. You think I would have noticed considering the pic on your site. :)

  • http://365horror.co.uk Geoff

    Cheers mate! Number 1 too eh! Be great to meet up at some point. Boy, we’ve got some bad films to talk about:)

  • http://365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    @Liam – I’m with ya, especially since technically every re-telling of a werewolf or vampire story could be considered a remake of some sort.

    @Geoff – Oh yes we do!

  • Andre

    No prob happens a LOT hehe

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  • http://gutsandgrogreviews.blogspot.com Tromeric

    Thanks for the shout out man. Been enjoying your Hellraiser reviews.