Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld

Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld is the movie that finally ended the suffering of the Hellraiser franchise. Please consider for a moment how bad a film in this series would have to be in order to kill this sad train full of sequels. Yeah, it IS that bad.

And yes, Barker is producing a reboot so technically not even this piece of crap really killed the Cenobites for good. Just realize that Clive approved a script to be directed by the awesome duo from the French flick, Inside and Dimension rejected it and hired the writer of Saw IV to start over from scratch. Kill me now.

As for Hellworld, it’s a terribly contrived slasher flick with no redeeming value whatsoever. None. Don’t watch this film.

Rick Botard, err, I mean Rick Bota is back directing his 3rd and final Hellraiser sequel. And after the surprisingly watchable Deader I guess Dimension wanted to roll the dice again. Bota and Dimension crapped out.

A group of stereotypes (token black guy, hot chick, jock dude, goth girl) are invited to a mansion take pleasure in a hellish party. Why? Well, because they play a scary cyber game on the interwebs called Hellworld and because Lance Henriksen was bored and wanted to invite some people over.

Henriksen plays the father of a kid who died a couple years ago and he blames the group of stereotypes for the death. Since ole Lancey boy has a tremendous amount of time and energy, he creates an elaborate ruse to lure the kids to the party and subsequently kills each of them by equally elaborate means.

The hot blonde girl character spends about 90% of her on screen time getting locked in various rooms or walking slowly. The others, who I promise you won’t care about, spout off dialogue like, “What kind of chat-room challenged moron do you think I am?” in between dying.

The only positive moments in the entire film come from Lance on screen. He just owns everything he has ever been in, which is undoubtedly a lot of crap mixed with a few gems. Oh, and if you like boobs, there are several nice exposed breasts mixed in.

The Pinhead connection is minimal in this film; he is on screen about as much as the average extra or background worker. Or in other words, just enough time to cash another check.

This film is tripe, but at least it was the last sequel.

Snore Factor: ZZZZZ (One of the worst)

IMDB 2005


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  • http://blahmovies.wordpress.com/ Richard

    Oh dear. Poor Lance Henriksen. He hasn’t been the same since Millenium got cancelled. That was his finest hour, this has got to be the opposite.

  • http://365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    I couldn’t agree more.