Run! Bitch Run!

A couple days ago I reviewed one of the all time best homage films ever made – The House of the Devil. Tonight, I am reviewing another attempt, albeit of the exploitation rape/revenge variety, that doesn’t quite capture the essence of the genre.

Run! Bitch Run! is sleazy and it is a rape/revenge flick. No argument there. And the tits are numerous, almost to the point, dare I say, of being excessively gratuitous. That is one of the problems I had with the film (not the tits themselves) but how every single woman in the film was naked. Use the boobs wisely, not just all willy nilly in every scene just because you hired some strippers and figured you might as well get good use out of ‘em (note: hire hotter strippers). What happened to the craftsmanship and art of gratuitous nudity? What has become of our society when you can’t assume gratuitous nudity will be done right in an amateurish low budget trash film? I think we all need to go get some Camus on audio CD and blare it while watching the pirate porn produced by Vivid Entertainment.

The acting is terrible by everyone, not that should trouble a viewer in anyway. You know what you are getting into before you even pop this one in. I just really didn’t care for anyone in the film. In other rape/revenge flicks you tend to latch on to the woman (Werewolf Woman, I Spit on Your Grave) and take pleasure in the pain she dishes out. Here, not so much.

Most of the gore occurs off camera, which is okay since the budget for this film was around the cost of a box of condoms and late night run to Del Taco for two. It does however become annoying with 80% of the deaths are off-screen. There is, however, one memorable scene in which a guy takes a machete up his ass.

The pacing is rather weak and chocked full of completely unnecessary scenes that add next to nothing to the film. Boring.

Ultimately the film becomes more of a parody of the genre that the director (and the DVD box loudly declares) intended to pay homage to. It comes off as a lame (but valiant) attempt to bring back the goodness of the ‘70s exploitation craze.

Snore Factor: ZZZZ

IMDB 2009

Trailer: (Link Only)

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  • Brett G.

    I saw this one not too long ago–I enjoyed it for what it was and sort of ended up liking Lyone’s character. Fun review though!

  • canvas print

    I thought this was a review of Run Fatboy Run.. my mistake!