Mother’s Day

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As far as holiday horror movies go, Mother’s Day stands out as one of the better flicks. It’s funny, sadistic, and maybe just a little heartwarming. Okay, it isn’t heartwarming at all, but it is funny.

Three female college friends meet up for a little R&R during a weekend camping trip in New Jersey. I know right, New Jersey of all places! Anyway, as you already know, weekend camping trips are a sure sign of impending doom and this movie doesn’t disappoint.

They run into, what is now a much overused horror film norm, a family of redneck types. The family consists of a nice elderly mother and her two sons. The mother is the undisputed leader of the pack. The boys are in tip-top raping shape. We know this because their mother puts them through rigorous, yet ludicrous practice exercises that involve smashing watermelons. This is of course, how you train for rape.

The girls are captured and raped, as is the custom for this kind of flick. Two girls escape and hatch a brutal rape/revenge plot. I won’t blow the surprise ending, but it is certainly worth a view.

After reading what I just wrote you may not get the impression that this film is funny as I earlier stated. You would be wrong. Outside of the horror elements, the film has a unique wit that wasn’t seen, especially from Troma, during this era. The crazed family is all about junk food and collecting pop-culture knick-knacks. A cheeky play on consumerism in the late ‘70s. The dialogue and stupidness of many of the scenes will surely split your side at some point.

Mother’s Day is a solid mix of three different horror genres: Rape/Revenge, Redneck, and Holiday Themed. Amazingly, it all comes together nicely.

A remake was made late last year and has been “in the can” for quite some time. Rumor has it is stuck in distribution hell, which may be a good thing.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1980


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