The Descent: Part 2

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These dudes are bad for businessI finally got around to watching The Descent: Part 2 after putting it off for months and months. I’d heard mostly good things, but something about a film being made based on an alternate (and dumbed down) ending just didn’t sit well with me.

Essentially, this film was needed because the first one wasn’t commercial enough for the world (aka Americans). That is okay, because even though part 2 is a more predictable, cliché-ridden film, it’s still a fun ride.

Like the first film, there is no messy character development. Picking up a few hours after the American ending of the original film, Sarah Carter is picked up by a trucker and whisked to a hospital. The cops show up and declare Sarah fine after she exhibits a severe case of amnesia. Of course, amnesiac people are the best spelunkers so this works out. A few hours later a search party consisting of a couple cops, a rescue spelunking team, and poor little Sara jump right back into the cave.

The film overall is a less interesting version of the original. This is solidified when Juno miraculously returns deep inside the cave. What!? If you remember, Sarah put a pickaxe through her leg and left her to fend off several hundred crawlers. With Juno, or as like to call her Tomb Woman (a combo of Lara Croft and Wonder Woman), the film hits what I thought would be its low point. I was wrong.

Amnesiac women make for good spelunkersTowards the end, the main useless cop and Sarah are handcuffed together. Okay. Whatever. He falls off the side of a cliff nearly dragging Sarah down with him. While he is hanging over the edge, Tomb Woman, a female cop, and Sarah decide it would be too bothersome to help the guy up. They opt to bludgeon his arm off with a dull axe. Real sweet ladies. While that may be the most implausible scene in the film, there are several others that come close.

The film still keeps the claustrophobic vibe, but I swear sometimes I could tell they were using Styrofoam rocks. And that’s just it; this is a sequel (more like a remake really) that was made by a director with less overall skill. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering Neil Marshall of the first film is quickly making a major name for himself. All the little things do add up, making it impossible to say The Descent: Part 2 is on par with the original. If the first film deserves a 9 or 10 then the sequel get a 6 or a 7.

Moral of the story. If you liked part one, you will most likely enjoy part 2 even with it’s flaws.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 2009


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