Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

I had a blast last night screening the original Friday the 13th film on my rooftop patio, complete with a min-keg and tons of junk food. The best part of the night, near the end of the film when Jason jumps out of the water and drags the chick in, my neighbor decides to peak her head over the wall. Scared the piss out several people. Oh the joys of apartment living!

Without further ado, here is today’s film and chart.

Since The Final Chapter was a bloody success, it only makes sense that the franchise continued. Funny how that works. Sticking to their guns, the studio  put a new spin on the old story. Jason is gone, replaced by a copycat killer named Roy Burns. Not the most intimidating name in horrordom, but the guy gets the job done providing the highest death count through the first 5 films.

Unfortunately, the movie is the weakest of the first five (and almost the whole series for that matter). The acting is a step below the norm for the franchise, and that is saying something. The story is what I like to call, “weak sauce” and stupid. The only good thing, was the little black kid, for some reason I loved that kid and his no-nonsense stereotypical tough guy attitude.

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