Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Part 6 is a mixed bag for me. A lot of people (at least the ones I argue with) think this is the best of the bunch. Me, not so much. Changing pace from the first five films, which were mostly serious horror films, Jason Lives is a self-aware goofball of a film. Almost Scream-like in some ways. Characters routinely poke fun at themselves or talk about their impending death. Meh.

The comedy aspects aside, the deaths are pretty fantastic featuring some of the most unique and inventive kill sequences in the series. Jason has no shortage of fun with his murders here. He scores a nice triple machete decapitation moments after he tears a guy’s arm off and chucks him into a tree. The best though was the random head twisting off. That has gotta be a tough way to go.

My big beef, no nudity! Seriously. The director thought he would go against the norm with this film and throw out all the drugs and nudity. For reals. My heart still hurts a little from this decision. Boobs and blood are what make Jason great.

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