Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

This film could have easily been called Friday the 13th: Carrie vs. Jason and probably would have been if mash-ups were considered a good idea in the late 80′s. Can you imagine? Horror icon vs horror icon wouldn’t just be for obsessed fan boys (if you are reading this you are one, and yes I am included) to discuss in the outer realms of the interweb. This idea got me thinking so I came up with three ideas I would like to see (I am excluding the obvious Ash vs…everyone ever).

1. Swamp Thing vs. The Swamp Monster – Let’s let the 80s’ swamp monsters battle it out. The winner gets to face Godzilla and the Maytag Man. Why the Maytag man? Why not?

2. Jerry Dandridge (Fright Night) vs. Dracula (Monster Squad) – Vampire on Vampire.  Both are defeated by kids and/or young teens, but who would win in a duel? I would literally camp out for this.

3. Strays Vs. Sleepwalkers - A lot of pussy in this one, but this could be fun. Actually, wait, Sleepwalkers already is this movie. Nevermind.

Back to Jason. He is crazy, bad ass, and has to fight off a wanna be Carrie. It’s terrible fun. Here is today’s info chart.

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