Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Part eight takes us to the New York, well actually the city of Vancouver, which looks as much like New York as Adriana Lima looks like the old gypsie lady in Drag Me to Hell. Essentially, this movie is one of the worst ones, but hey, at least a change of scenery.

Some highschool kids jump onto a cruise ship departing from Crystal Lake. This is the same lake that used to be a couple acres in diameter or so; apparently global warming and, possibly, Al Gore have caused the lake to become a deep water harbor complete with cruise ships destined for the Big Apple. I don’t know how these things works either. I just report what I see.

Jason has a renewed vigor for killing, including the infamous one punch head removal trick. Important to note that Kane Hodder came back to play Jason Voohries in this 7th sequel. He was he best one.

Since it is supposedly “New York” more bad stuff shows up, like heroin and toxic waste. The waste playing a ridiculous role in the film that I am going to spoil. Toxic waste will turn a mas murdering psycho into a child. For reals.

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