Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

I am still, after multiple viewings, not even sure how the hell this film got made. The only thing that makes sense is the guys in charge of the “Hellraiser” films had some major pull on this one. I say that because, this film in no way has anything to do with the rest of the franchise. The name may imply it does, but it is a dirty liar.

After being turned into a little boy by toxic waste in the last flick, Jason is back to normal, sorta. A parasitic worm is the real bad guy. Jason has been diminished into a killer that likes to shave people. Yes, shave as in clean-shaven men get all the ladies. The dagger and book of the dead are borrowed from Evil Dead (a cool homage for sure, but in this case it ends up poorly because this film sucks).

Enjoy today’s chart.

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