Burning Bright

C'mon! This could totally happen!

I love “what if” movies. Burning Bright is such a film and answers an important question that I know a lot of us have pondered. What if your evil stepdad locked you and your autistic brother in a house with a deadly tiger during a hurricane? I know, right. It’s completely plausible and, in fact, a highly probably scenario. Especially if your stepdad buys a tiger from Meat Loaf, because as everyone knows, Meat Loaf has the best tigers for use as a murder weapons against hot chicks and autistic kids.

And that is the real story of Burning Bright. It sounds like a plot that even the SyFy Channel would balk at; keeping in mind the SyFy Channel has brought us greats like Mansquito and Sharktopus. The funny thing is, Burning Bright rises well above B-movie fodder and ends up being a taught, well-executed thriller, worthy of your attention.

Briana Evigan plays the hottie in distress and does a bang-up job. Her ability to run around in underwear for 90 minutes impressed the heck out of me. Oh, and she delivered a very solid performance, carrying the entire film on her shoulders. Which isn’t easy to do, especially in something with such a high-concept. Mark my words, she is going places. It won’t be long before guys everywhere are searching for “that chick from the tiger movie sex tapes”.

Wait. Pepper or cinnamon?

As I mentioned earlier, Meat Loaf makes an appearance as the shady tiger salesman. His speech about the tiger is phenomenal. He manages to sell the tiger as some sort of Mega-Satan, the most badass bloodthirsty creature that has ever lived. It’s a shame he didn’t get an Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, and a BET Lifetime Achievement Award for his performance. Just goes to show you the whole system is rigged.

The majority of the film focuses on Evigan’s struggle to protect her brother (who doesn’t like to be touched) as the tiger chases them around the house. The tiger needs to eat. And people are delicious. One thing I did learn from this film is tigers love pepper, but they hate autistic kids. Or is that supposed to be cinnamon? I can never remember. This is the horror movie that The Hangover inspired. Think about it.

The film is excellent and is certainly one of the top independent horror films released this year. Plus, everyone should watch this and take notes in case they find themselves in a similar situation someday. It’s always good to be prepared.

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 2010


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  • http://gutsandgrogreviews.blogspot.com Tromeric

    This movie was way better than it had any right to be. Nailed it, pretty much the same way I felt about it. I didn’t put together that the tiger hated autistic kids. Good call though.

  • http://www.365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    This tiger only likes the “pretty ones” I guess. Yeah, it’s way better than it should have been. Loved it!