Here’s a rare one. Mom has no DVD release and no plans for one; mainly because getting a release like that would require fans. All of which is sad because films like Mom should be seen by more people. It’s an interesting story, with a lot more depth and character development than is to be expected. Oh, and enough gore and monster masks to keep me happy.

I think this is a zombie movie. Or a demon movie. Or a werewolf movie. Not sure really, which adds to the uniqueness of the film. Nothing is explained, nor is there a need for it to be. The only thing that matters is monsters want to eat people. It’s a basic principle really.

A drifter rents a room from a sweet little lady. The drifter poses as a blind man, but we know he is some sort of monster. He has a thing for eating his victims as demonstrated by a gruesome gutting and devouring of a cute woman at a bus stop. The drifter “always eats out” as he says which of course upsets the little old lady who just wants to make dinner. Have you ever tried to turn down dinner from a sweet old lady? Nothing good can come from it.

Eventually, the drifter bites the old woman; this starts the process of turning her into whatever the hell he is. This is not kosher. Not in the least.

Her son, a nice TV personality type, becomes increasingly worried about his mother as she turns into a ghoulish monster. Now the movie starts in earnest. It’s a battle between the son and the mom. His love for his mom vs. the demon that has turned her into a killing machine. It’s a bit of a sad story, but at the same time a comedy.

While watching it, I thought it could be a lot funnier. It is a horror/comedy movie and playing up the role reversal of a son putting his mom on timeout could have been milked for more laughs. A lot of potential, but not a lot of execution. Most of the laughs in the film come off a little flat, if not lame.

Overall, Mom is a gloomy little forgotten flick that deserves a watch from horror fans. If for no other reason than to try and figure out what the hell the mom turns into. Vampirewolf? ZombieDemon? A new species of monster? Your guess is as good as mine.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1991


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  • Tromeric

    So stoked you reviewed this, I remember renting this from the shitty gas station/video store in the town I grew up in a Christ age ago. I agree, what the fuck is she? Definitely needs to be seen though. A fun little movie.

  • Micah

    Nice. I had never even heard of this one until a few days ago. If they changed the name it might help. “Mom” pretty much ensures no one will ever find out about it. Something like “Demon Mom from Beyond” and you got yourself a winner.

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  • Craig

    Rented this from blockbuster years ago on vhs and i still talk about it now with my mate as one of the fine forgotten little indie films with a guy called “Nestor” of all people this is fantastic stuff must see for any horror fan