The Prowler

You're right! You won't be seeing them again.

This is a big moment in the history of this blog. This is officially review #183. Upon breaking out my abacus and moving the little beads around one thing is clear. I know nothing about abacuses. But my calculator and best friend during math tests back in the day has informed me that today marks the half-way point of this 365 Horror Movie challenge. Yes folks, I have now spent half a year watching and reviewing a horror movie every night. On a related note, that comes out to a little over 100,000 words or the equivalent of about two full length books worth of horror reviews.

Tonight’s film is another Netflix Instant special, The Prowler. It’s about a guy who really digs WWII garb and killing young adults in New Jersey. I am sure there is a “Jersey Shore” joke in here somewhere, but alas I gotta get this review done so I can enjoy my Friday night.

It’s a slasher. It’s from 1981, which is the greatest year for slashers ever. Look it up. Tom Savini is the special effects guy. The gore is great. The acting is not.


After an oddly placed black and white propaganda film from the U.S. War Bureau, the film gets going. The town Sherriff puts the dopey deputy in charge so he can go fishing. Keep in mind he really needed to go fishing even though a prowler was loose just a few miles down the road and the town has a history of deaths whenever the school holds a graduation party. Tonight is the graduation party.

The gore as I mentioned is fantastic and sets this one apart from the many great films of the early ‘80s. Not way apart. But enough that it is worth your time. You get a double pitchfork kill, a nice facial kick to the teeth in a swimming pool, and of course, the infamous exploding head shot – which is not to be missed.

The dialogue is exactly what you expect with victims often saying astute things like, “We may never see each other again” in reference to graduating. If only they knew what was in store for their dumb New Jersey asses. Personally, even though lines like that are cheeseriffic, I love ‘em. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Unlike about a billion other slashers this one plays more true to life. Victims aren’t as dumb (by a smidgeon) as the usual ‘80s slasher fair. They don’t hang around and endlessly wait to get stabbed or catch a shotgun blast to the chest. They actually run for their mother effin’ lives. In this manner, The Prowler is better than its brothers and sisters.

Bottom line: This is a good slasher film.

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 1981


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  • Wednesday’s Child

    Okay, now I must watch this one to see the moving version of that screenshot with the exploding head!

  • Micah

    It’s up there with the “Scanners” head explosion.