Symphony of Evil

September 12, 2010 8:05 pm 0 comments
This movie has an alternate title: Deadly Possession. It should have another one: Extra Strength Ambien. I hope sleep scientists have shown this one to insomniacs. This film might be the miracle cure.
So my opinion is just thatan opinion, but watching this movie from a VHS rip that apparently was run through a washing machine made it incredibly hard to stay focused. Almost impossible, in fact.
This movie features a lot of things: A guy who has the worst luck ever, an evil lesbian professor, and a chick that reminded me of Marcy from Married With Children. Their roles vary, but one thing is consistent. They are all characticatures of real people. Nothing they do is believable.
Starting with the professor. She is so obviously supposed to be a bad lesbian killer that it hurts to watch. The cops, of course, don’t have this same belief, even though she is clearly the number one suspect in a murder (the main plot point initially). She’s like one of those cartoon dogs that has evil slanty eyes accompanied by imposing music.
The guy with bad luck has it rough but manages to not help himself in any concievable way. First, he is lurking around his girlfriend’s pad in the dark. Then a chick is thrown out of a window and lands near him. He begins to help her, but then bolts when some guy thinks he may have done it. He then, logically, proceeds to run from the cops. Then later, still wanted by the cops, he goes to the hospital to check on victim. And wouldn’t have you it, the victim dies upon his arrival. He should win a Darwin award for stupid moves.
The rest of the 90 minutes is spent in a fantastic combo of mind-numbing boredom. There is a ton of music and not much dialogue. So in one sense, the movie does deliver the titular symphony. The evil that is promises is definitely subject to interpretation. At no point is this scary, let alone watchable.
Anyway, if you need to catch some ZZZ’s, pop this in and let the sheep countin’ begin.
Snore Factor: ZZZZZ (One of the worst)
IMDB 1987
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