Grave Robbers

For review #187 let’s take a trip to Mexico. Or at least field a foray into Mexican cinema. A few months ago I stumbled upon an absurd Mexican B-horror movie that quickly became one of my favorite films I have watched in this project. After seeing that film, I have had an insatiable desire for more Mexican horror and those little mini-burrito things you squeeze lemon juice on. Those are so delicious. Am I right?

Ladrones de Tumbas or Grave Robbers is another fine effort from my neighbors to the South. It’s feels like a mix of Evil Dead and Italian splatterfests superimposed with traditional Mexican family values. And like the great Italian horror (and western) films, sometimes what’s lost in translation is what makes a film great.

A crazy priest decides to start doing the deed with virgins in an effort to bring forth the Anti-Christ. Other monks don’t take kindly to this behavior. Their collective sense of humor for Satan worshipping in the olden days wasn’t quite as developed as modern society. They rack him up and nearly tear off his limbs, before chopping him to death with a supernatural axe. The kicker, as long as the axe is lodged in his chest, he can’t come back. But, of course, several hundred years later, stupid teenagers do stupid teenage things and bring him back.

Gorehounds will like this one – A LOT. The evil priest goes around hacking apart just about everyone in Mexico with gruesome results. Decapitations, tons of axe love, and a sweet hand-through-a-stomach complete with exploding intestines highlight the list.

The funniest part about this film, besides the guy who wears a BOSS shirt (I am sure Hugo wanted to be associated with this movie), was the pussy boyfriend who totally deserves to die, but doesn’t. This guy would last four maybe 5 minutes in an American horror movie. He’s a douche, ya know the kind that will hit on the girl you are with right in front of you, forcing you to punch him in his douche face. Somehow, 50 good people get killed and this guy makes it. I swear to God this guy must have been the producer of the film.

A strong entry into B-horror movie goodness that provides the right amount of laughs (assuming you can read subtitles) and gore to satisfy the shrewdest of viewers.  Basically, once you’ve seen all the main stuff, watch this and smile.

Now where can I get one of those mini-burrito things in L.A.?

Snore Factor: ZZ (will keep you up)

IMDB 1990

Part 1 (you can watch it all on The Tube)

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