Food of the Gods

This actually happens

This movie has the biggest cock I have ever seen. Yep, the biggest mutated pecker ever. Those are alternate names for roosters, right?

It starts out with a narrative that goes something like this, “Hi. I am a guy who plays football. We’ve been working awfully hard so the coach gave us a day off. My Dad said the Earth would rise up against humans if they kept pollutin’ the place up. Funny how I think of that when I go to the country like today.” Wait a second. Is this a real time narrative? I believe it is. Is that even legal?

Cutting edge special effects

Less than 45 seconds after the narrative, one of his buddies is killed by giant bees. Like four foot giant bees. Approximately one minute after the football player’s friend is killed, he is attacked by the biggest chicken in film history. After killing the giant cock in a long battle, he spots the owner of the farm and melodramatically declares, “Where the hell did you get those chickens?” This ranks in my top five most hilarious comments ever. Moments later he has completely forgotten about seeing a seven foot tall chicken and engaging it in a duel to the death. It really has no rival. You simply must watch it. It’s the kind of thing where you can be walking down the street, think about the ridiculousness of the situation, and then burst into uncontrollable laughing fits in front of total strangers. It’s happened to me on several occasions.

The best part? The fun has only begun. You get 80 more minutes mayhem! If you didn’t catch it, the plot is about a football player and some friends who go to the country for some relaxation only to be attacked by all sorts of giant human-flesh eating insects and animals. And it is pure cheesy awesomeness from top to bottom.

Onto the rats. Most scenes with the giant rodents involve a bunch of rats hanging around toy cars or houses looking decidedly disinterested. But they also have a few rodent mascot-like heads that get in there and do the dirty work of eating people. Once again, as you can imagine, this is hilarious. There’s also some wasps which look an awful lot like a piece of clear plastic held in front of the camera with wasps drawn on it.

I actually watched this film on 35MM at a local theater last year and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Tears of laughter streamed continuously.

As with all “Mother Nature Getting Revenge” flicks there has to be a bad business guy set on destroying the world in order to make a quick buck. Here the guy is a perfect douche. His first scene involves leaving a stranded pregnant lady on the side of the road and laughing about it. He also of the belief that everything is entirely normal, thinking the seven foot tall chickens were made of plaster (actually they probably were). Spoiler: Douche business guy eventually gets what’s coming to him.

The end of the film is so amazing in its unbelievableness, that what jaw muscles you have left from laughing will be strained to their limits. Food of the Gods for all intents and purposes is one of the most unintentionally funny films in the b-horror movie genre and a must watch for any self-respecting bad movie lover.

Snore Factor: Z (There is no way to fall asleep during this movie)

IMDB 1976


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  • Will

    Watched this last night off of your suggestion. Pretty terribly awesome stuff.

  • Micah

    FOTG is something special alright. Glad you “enjoyed” it.

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