Top 10 Horror Movies of 2006

Welcome to my countdown of the best horror films of each year (and decade). I am starting with 2009 and working my way back all the way until 1970 or so. If all pans out the way I imagine, I will post one or two top 10 horror movie lists per week until I run out of years. A bit daunting, sure, but it should be fun in addition to my daily horror review.

You can find all of my top horror movie lists here.

*My rules for choosing the films are as follows: Personal preference, I must have viewed the film, U.S. release date, and the musings of random horror resources across the interwebs and beyond.

Let’s do it 2006 style:

Honarable mentions: All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Taxidermia, and Black Sheep.

10 . Night Watch

This one didn’t get a U.S. release until 2006 (almost two years after the fact). Why? No one knows. Night Watch is Russia’s greatest export since Tetris. Make sure to watch the version with the cool blood-dripping subtitles.

9. The Hills Have Eyes

I wanted to hate this for tampering with the legacy of the original, but hey, it is simply a good horror movie. Tons of gore, suspense, and scares for the whole family. It holds it own against the original and certainly qualifies as one of the better remakes.

8. Feast

A good example of low-budget filmmaking done right. It’s bloody, gooey, and a hell of a ride. Being part of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Project Greenlight gave this movie a much deserved bump in publicity. Otherwise, who knows if it would have ever been made.

7. Severance

Take The Office and put the cast in the middle of a horror movie set in Eastern Europe. Let the fun commence. Yet another fantastic British horror comedy.

6. Snakes on a Plane

I took a trip to L.A. to see this movie at the Chinese Theater and dragged along my girlfriend at the time. Needless to say, I was tired of that mother effin’ woman by the time that mother effin’ trip ended!

5. Abominable

The cast that includes Bigfoot, Lance Henriksen, and Jeffrey Combs. That alone catapults onto the radar of goodness. Abominable is a very solid bad B-horror movie. And I loved every ridiculous second of it.

4. Hard Candy

Someone needs to eliminate pedophiles, right? Who better than quick-witted and sharp tongued Ellen Page in one of her earlier roles (Read: Before Juno). It may not sound like it, but this a taught thriller with plenty of suspense to go around. Just probably not the greatest date movie.

3. Slither

This one is my favorite film of the year mostly because it reminds me of Night of the Creeps. A black as night horror comedy that hits all the right notes.

2. Pan’s Labrynth

This Guillermo Del Toro guy gets gothic fairytales. This one is eerie, creepy, and fantastic. I’ve heard it compared as “Alice in Wonderland for grownups” and I couldn’t agree more.

1. The Descent

Not just the best movie of the year, but arguably the best of all of the 2000′s. Director Neil Marshall is a super genius. It’s about time he makes the jump into the big time, with a real Hollywood-sized budget.

My good friend over at Guts and Grog is also doing a countdown. Check it out for another take on the year’s best.

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  • windows cleaner

    the hills have eyes was not a good one but a bad one, Wes Craven was very successful making that film. Severance also was boring not a good one but slither was a very good movie on comedy horror. thirdly Abominable was a boring movie not a good one….except these three (hills have eyes/ Severance / Abominable)movies all were very good and much successful horror movies. very much mind blowing.

  • Eithan

    Scar 3D is finally being released in America October 1st on VOD and October 11th on DVD…Yeeeeeaa!! It’s about freaking time! So stoked for Halloween, bring on the dead!