This is Octaman's only facial expression

Octaman is a generous film in several ways. For starters, it doesn’t bother hiding the silly rubber Octaman costume. No, it’s proudly shown off during the opening credits. Personally, I like this approach. Often I have wasted 30, 40 or even up to 90 minutes in anticipation of a creature only to be sadly disappointed by how stupid it looks. In Octaman, I was able to be immediately disappointed.

The film also chooses to throw away any boring or unnecessary plot development. In fact, it’s breezed over with some stock footage, warnings about humans polluting water, and some shots of a small latex Octaman in a bucket. 10 minutes in and it’s time for Octaman to get to the killin’. Why waste time developing characters that are only going to die in a few minutes? Heck, why even talk about those characters?

The kills are really something to behold. Octaman mostly chooses the “death by slap” method. He literally uses his extra rubber arms (tentacles) to slap people to death when they cross him. Other kill methods involve “cliff chucking” and “hiding in an RV.”

Slapping fools to death before it was cool

Octaman also develops a crush on the female in the movie. He likes to slowly carry her off (everything he does should be considered “slowly”), where exactly is unknown, probably the ocean. Where she would surely die. Get used to the girl being carried off in slo-mo, it’s one of the main things Octaman does outside of casually wondering around in broad daylight. No one ever said Octaman was the smartest cephalopod in the tool shed.

The scientists, who are only interested in only studying the deformed mollusk in its natural habitat, are easy to root against. This is because they are obnoxiously stupid. Case in point, they build a fire around the monster with the goal of sucking all the air out around him. This was the finest idea science could come up. Seriously guys, you deserve a slaptastic death. The worst part, it WORKED!

The climatic (ha) ending involves the remaining cast following Octaman into a cave system. There’s like six left at this point, which is about five too many for my taste. Anyway, they wander around the cave until everyone is good and bored before the final confrontation. This features the heroin having flashbacks in her mind about dialogue that was said earlier in the film. Not real flashbacks mind you, but ones where she gives a thousand yard stare while dialogue is voiced over.

This film makes Roger Corman flicks look like Scorsese stuff. It’s one of the lamer creature features I have seen (which is a lot) and only recommended to those who like slumming around in low-end octopus related horror.

Snore Factor: ZZZZZ (will have you countin’ sheep within minutes)

IMDB 1971


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