Her hotness is a nice bonus

Ahhh! Sea monster movie alert! Leviathan is a sci-fi horror film that masquerades as another Abyss. It’s not, but it’s still a lot of fun. Plus, it’s got Peter Weller aka Robo ‘mother effin’ Cop. And hey, if Robocop is in a movie, I will watch the hell out of it.

A crew of underwater silver miners is finishing up their exhausting 90 day shift. Just three more days and they can go back top-side. That is unless the tall crook (doubling as a miner in this film) from Home Alone finds a shipwrecked Russian vessel and steals, predictably, its vodka. That of course would be a bad idea because A. Stealing is bad and B. That maneuver would unleash the plot from The Thing into the unsuspecting and oh so happy to almost to be home mining station crew. Well guess what? That’s exactly what happens.

Robocop has the role of scientist and crew leader. He is bad at his job, though he is mostly just a scientist stuck in a leadership role. His leadership skills include not being able to control a Doctor, almost letting a crew member die because of stupidity, and reading a book about how to manage people, while in the midst of a crisis. His assets include Vodka hiding talents and understanding his crew is mostly mutinous bastards.

The film plays out exactly like a nice crazy monster movie should. It’s got plenty of character depth to help you attach feelings for those characters before they are killed off. Yay for liking people who get disemboweled by a genetically mutated Vodka monster. It’s what movie watching is all about.

The special effects are well made and the monster itself is pretty freaking awesome looking. And for a movie that so clearly tried to emulate Alien and other similar films, Leviathan does an admiral job. It’s basically a movie for people who love sci-fi horror and appreciate all the genre has to throw at them.

Snore Factor: ZZZ (Drink a Redbull first)

IMDB 1989


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