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After months (feels like years) of waiting for Adam Green’s Frozen, my chance to experience all of its cold-blooded glory finally arrived. Let me preface this review with a couple of notes. First, I like Green and what he stands for. His movies are original (not remakes) and sans torture porn (thank God). Most importantly – he hits the nail on the proverbial horror fans decapitated head. Simply put, Green makes movies horror fans want to see.

Frozen spins the tale of three friends on a ski adventure. And with the creator of Hatchet on board, it undoubtedly will be a ski trip no one will ever forget. Glossing over the beginning, which includes a nice reason to have a girlfriend (hint: forcing her to use her feminine charms to get stuff), the film boils down to three people trapped high on a chair lift with no help. For a week. With hungry wolves waiting below. And frostbite. And poor decision-making skills. It’s a winning combo!

Speaking of those decision-making skills, right off the bat one of the guys thinks he can Superman his way down from, oh, I don’t know, about 50 feet. Tuck and roll, buddy. Tuck and roll. This works as well as one would expect. His legs snap like twigs. And did I mention the bloodthirsty wolves? I hear people taste like turkey, not chicken, contrary to popular belief. It’s gruesome and in perfect contrast to the rest of the character-centric suspense.

The conversation between the characters is witty, ranging from topics on the worst way to die (eaten by wolves after breaking your legs didn’t make the list!) to important phone number-remembering skills. This banter keeps the pace moving along nicely as the remaining two characters plunge headfirst into the worsening situation.

Green delivers sharp, focused directing throughout the film. I can’t think of a wasted scene in the entire movie. And I, for one, actually found the situation to be pretty frightening. How the whole shebang happens is set up well (at least a lot better than most genre fare) and is quite believable. I firmly believe fans of this type of film (Open Water, Buried) will enjoy the heck out of Green’s chilling entry.

Bottom Line: This movie does for chair lifts what The Descent did for caves. I’m staying away from the both of ‘em.

Snore Factor: ZZ (Will keep the sheep countin’ to a minimum)

IMDB 2010


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