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Sticking to the cold weather horror, tonight’s review is Shredder. This one is a slasher flick set in an exclusive ski resort full of young adults that need to die in creative and bloody ways. It breaks no ground, nor does it try to. It sorta reminds me of that movie Out Cold, but funny.

The cast of characters includes both lesbians and chicks who can barely keep underwear on. This is good for a slasher film. It also includes a bunch of douchebag snowboarder types. This would normally be bad, but the whole plot is centered on killing douchey snowboarders. This is good.

Speaking of douches, have you ever played “Douchebag or Not?” It’s a fun game to play here in Los Angeles. Last night the D-bag count around town was rather astounding. But then again, I was hanging out with a friend who has the uncanny ability to attract every douchebag within a 20 mile radius. She’s like catnip for dudes wearing Affliction shirts.

Back to the movie. The kills are pretty fun and include: Ski pole to the face, decapitations, snow plows, and a chair lift hanging. There is also a rather inventive scene involving a closet, a ski pole, a killer and a dead body. All this makes for a worthy set of kills. Of course, having effective and interesting kills is paramount in a slasher flick. And Shredder delivers the bloody goods.

All of the acting is cheesy, but how much acting can be done by one-dimensional characters that are just there because the script called for more vicitims? Boiled down, the acting isn’t important. The lesbians on the other hand are. Kidding, sorta. One note, the guy that makes the video diary of the trip was pretty funny. He also had my favorite line of the flick, “You can’t kill a virgin.” This playing off the hard and fast slasher rule which states one must give the socially-crippled pariahs a free pass to survival.

I most enjoyed the fact that movie does a nice job playing to the target audience. Shredder is a film for lovers of bad ‘80s slasher flicks. It’s dumb, cheesy, and crude. Just the way it should be. The execution is lacking a bit, but overall this is a pretty decent early 2000’s old school type slasher film.

Moral of the story: Shredder is a solid B-horror flick and a well-done tribute to the slasher flicks of yesteryear.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 2003


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  • The Mike

    I have a soft spot for this one. It’s bad in all the right ways.

  • Micah

    I was pleasantly surprised.

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