Hard Candy

I managed to persuade the people hanging in my house to watch this uplifting charmer (sarcasm alert) of a film in beautiful 1080P. I told them it was like Juno, but funny. Kidding, but Ellen Page was a big selling point. I conveniently left out the part about male castration. And while opinions varied around my place, I really enjoyed this film.

Page plays a “14 year-old” girl. She looks innocent, but acts much older and more mature. Ya know, the kind of girl that pedophiles go ape for (also, Michael Cera). And since the plot revolves around Page’s character stalking and then reversing the norms of predator versus prey; she is the perfect actress for the part.

After recruiting the pedo of her choice, Page goes over to his house for some delicious screwdrivers (vodka and OJ), making it clear that it is always a wise idea to pour and mix your own drinks. Just ask the girls from The Human Centipede. I bet they would agree with that statement. Ruhypnol.

The pedo should have listened to this advice also, because next thing you know, he wakes up, tied to a chair, and completely screwed. And now the fun begins.

Page essentially mind-f*cks the pedophile from here on out. It’s a war of words, but as we have all learned, the chick from Juno is sharp-witted and sharp-tongued. She is the predator. The pedo has no chance. It’s brutal fun.

Hard Candy is also tense, chilling and gripping. Shot beautifully, the color schemes really coming into play and adding layers of depth into the film unseen in most thrillers. Deep reds and cold grays emphasize perfectly the mood of the film and the plight of the characters. And it all looks amazing in Blu-ray format.

There is no doubt that Hard Candy is a solid indie-thriller that should be seen. You may not like it. You may not like the subject matter, but there’s a good chance you will like how it ends.

Snore Factor: ZZ (A taught thriller that will keep you up)

IMDB 2005


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  • http://www.thefrightwriter.blogspot.com The Fright Writer

    I really enjoyed this film when it first came out. Page is thoroughly convincing throughout and the cold calculated edge to both characters makes it a little bit chilling.

    There are few scenes that push the boundaries but, you never feel completely uncomfortable to the point you can’t watch.

    An enjoyable film that deals with sensitive subject matter but, doesn’t play for shocks I felt.