Night of the Demons (1988)

I got the idea to watch all three Night of the Demons films yesterday in preparation for the L.A. premiere of the remake. And then I went and saw I Spit on Your Grave in the two remaining hours of my day. What that means is I have a lot of reviews to write and I have seen very large quantities of naked breasts, often covered in fake blood. Both good things in my book.

A group of teens decide to throw a Halloween party at an old abandoned funeral home. Always a good idea. Eventually, the kids are transformed one-by-one into demons with gruesome and escalatingly gory results. Think Evil Dead meets a slasher flick. Also, both good things in my book.

On display is mostly terrible acting, plenty of boobage, and real rock music. More good things. Combined with the demons and gore, Night of the Demons is an instant classic of β€˜80s awesomeness.

The scenes with the demons are excellent and allow the film to overcome its many shortcomings (plot, acting, and budget). Linea Quigley has an excellent scene involving breasts and lipstick that is sure to boggle the mind. Another fine moment features the Asian chick, her insanely nice rack, sex in a coffin, and a demon that crashes the party. I would like to point out that having sex in a coffin, in an abandoned funeral home, with a hot Asian chick is actually quite high on my bucket list. Women please take note.

The movie does take a while to get moving. Not so much a downfall as something that is good to know going in to the viewing experience. But once it does get going the bloodshed more than makes up for the slow start. Eye-gouging and hacking limbs off with brutal force tend to make up for a lot of shortcoming in cheese-fests like this one.

Night of the Demons is over-the-top, excessive, and senseless. Of course, those are all great things when it comes to splatter comedies. This film is just so much fun to watch. It’s got the right look and feel, something that could only be captured in the β€˜80s.

Final Verdict: Highly recommended.

Snore Factor: ZZ (Enjoyable β€˜80s Cheese)

IMDB 1988


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  • thomas

    this was the first movie i ever saw in a theatre, when i was nine. sidebar comment: also first boner in a public place, thanks to crazy hair asain barbie doll. i love campy eigthies cheese. great movie.

  • Micah

    Haha, great story. I imagine crazy hair Asian barbie has elicited many a boner in her day.