Night of the Demons 2

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The sequel to Night of the Demons had a lot to live up to. The original was ripe with all the things that make good ‘80s cheesy horror. Luckily, part 2 delivers the gore and ups the comedy. It’s just as compelling and fun to watch. I personally like it better than original. Blasphemy, I know – but NOTD2 hits all the right notes, plus it features hot Catholic school girls.

The film starts with a hilariously gruesome scene in which a couple of religious zealots find out first-hand why it isn’t a good idea to visit Hull House and its latest demon resident, Angela (the demon chick from the first film). The opening sequence sets the tone for the rest of film perfectly.

A bunch of cast away teens, featuring a trio of chesty girls, are stuck in an uptight Catholic school where fun and hormones are shunned. Sister Gloria is the enforcer, constantly reminding the teens to “leave some room for the holy ghost” between the boys and girls. The teens eventually sneak away for a Halloween party at the Hull House. Show off their God given gifts. Turn into demons. And have a lot of fun doing it.

The gore is bigger and better and so are the laughs. This film is decidedly different in tone from the original. NOTD2 plays our more like a raunchy comedy than a scary demonic possession film. Amplified to maximum effect when some kids head is used in a game of basketball. While I love this kind of random humor, others may be put off by it. There is a fine line between funny and stupid and this film is able to toe the line well.

As mentioned, the gore is well executed with the highlight being super-soakers filled with Holy Water. Those babies are quite good at turning demons into puddles of goop. The icing on the cake, outside of several decapitations, is the giant serpent thing at the end of the film. It is absolute ‘80s bad horror personified.

Of course, no review of a Demons movie would be complete without discussing the boob factor. NOTD2 supplies plenty of sweater puppies for your viewing pleasure and features the super-hot Christine Taylor. It’s a win-win-win if you got the “chest fever.”

Snore Factor: ZZ (Worth watching)

IMDB 1994

Watch this if you aren’t sold:

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