Night of the Demons 3

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The second sequel in the Night of Demons franchise is a film that left me feeling a little miffed. Not because it wasn’t as good as the others in the series (it’s not). Not because it was full of nonsense and bad acting (it is). But because the film couldn’t decide who was the main character.

The film starts off with two best friends, Abbie and Holly, assessing their breast sizes for our viewing entertainment. Abbie is a sad panda because her boobs don’t quite stack up to Holly’s (head cheerleader) twin peaks.

Abbie, however, is setup to be the main character. Holly is dumb blonde bimbo with no aspirations. Abbie is planning for college and generally has her stuff together. Not to mention, she is actually significantly hotter than she gives herself credit for.  The two friends dress up for Halloween and head off to a party. Unfortunately, their car breaks down. Aww schucks.

Meanwhile, some losers including: the guy-who-is-too-cool-to-go-to-school, the ticking-time bomb of a douche, his slutty girlfriend, and a token black guy are cruising around in a rape van and happen across the stranded babes. Immediately, Abbie is attracted to the super douche and so the girls pile in to the van. Real smart move, Abbie.

The gang stops for some gas and due to some racial profiling end up in a gunfight with the store clerk. Culminating when the super douche shoots a cop for zero reason. Abbie is still attracted to him, though.

They all pile pack into the van like a bunch of Scooby Do rejects and proceed to hide out at, get this, Hull House. Now the fun can begin. Angela (The demon chick from first two films) shows up and the killings and demon possessions can begin.

I'm a douche!

We get plenty of gore and sex. A staple of the series. The death scenes are enjoyable; the CGI computer graphic scenes are not. The best kills involve a rather intricate still-beating heart removal and a Sherriff badge being used in a wildy inappropriate manner. It’s fun, even though a bit more limited than the first couple of films.

At some point the filmmakers decided to flip the plot around and make the cheerleader and the guy-to-cool-for-school the main characters. I guess Abbie’s boobs weren’t big enough to be the main character, even though she was the only character even remotely worth rooting for. Everyone else, especially the douche, who carries around a shotgun the whole movie, is obnoxious. Maybe that is why Abbie couldn’t make it, she liked the douche too much. Food for thought.

The writing is atrocious as epitomized by a significant portion of the dialogue consisting of “Yo Mamma…” jokes. Those jokes were so dumb, that they when the computer said press any key they was looking for the any key. Zing.

Bottom line: Only recommended for individuals wanting to complete the franchise, love bad movies, or want to bone up on bad jokes.

Snore Factor: ZZZ (Run of the mill)

IMDB 1997

Sucking a golf ball through a ten-foot hose (aka Gun Scene):

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