Deadly Dreams

For the 214th day of this project I chose to watch and review a mostly forgotten horror flick titled: Deadly Dreams.  It’s a late ‘80s snooze fest that focuses on confusing the audience and attempting to bore them to sleep on several occasions. Good news: It works.

The biggest positive about this film is you don’t have to pay close attention to understand what is going on. This is because the filmmakers opted for montages of prior events with alarming frequency. About 12 minutes into the film, there is a nice recap of the first 12 minutes. This is great because you get to relive the same awkward and terrible opening over again. Kudos to the filmmakers.

When he was 10 years old, Alex watched the cold-blooded murder of his parents by a shotgun-wielding madman wearing a deer mask (I know, it sounds cool). Now in college, Alex is haunted by dreams of the deer masked killer. He’s also the heir to his family’s company, a source of contention with his older brother. He hates “funerals on his birthday.” Has a friend who likes to snort coke before doing anything important (always wise). And he is dating a ballerina who is incredibly flexible.

For the first half of the movie I thought the protagonist was gay. Him and his buddy would go swimming together, talk about his dreams, and generally look like a happy couple. It wasn’t until the sex scene (yes, there are boobs) with the ballerina that I was fully convinced this wasn’t a relationship movie about two dudes. It probably would have been better if it was, at least then it would have been memorable for something. Side note: The main guy played Dr. Jack McGuire in Doogie Howser M.D.. I wonder if him and NPH had a thing?

All of Alex’s friends and family are not what they seem. Everyone has ulterior motives of some sort. And it’s super lame. The best parts of the film come from the dream sequences, which eventually become so entwined with reality that there is essentially no way of knowing what is going on. The dream pieces are usually filled with horrific deaths involving shot gun blasts or slit necks. And if you missed one, just wait a few minutes because another one will closely follow which in turn will be closely followed by a montage.

The whole thing is a jumbled mess and is paced so poorly that it’s not even enjoyable as a bad movie. It’s just bad. This film needed way less deceitful morons and way more deer masked madman with a shotgun.

Verdict: Skip it.

Snore Factor: ZZZZZ (terrible)

IMDB 1988


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