Night of the Demons (2010)


The original is a classic. The sequels are fun. So, how does Adam Gierasch’s remake fair? I can safely say any fan of the series will enjoy this film. I certainly did, even though I was incredibly sick during the Screamfest premiere. This one will be on my Blu-ray shelf within the next week.

First off, it’s nice to see a film starring demons. They’re not nearly as played out as zombies, slashers, and vampires of late. Frankly, it’s refreshing. A nice change of pace.

Shannon Elizabeth returns to her horror roots and tackles the iconic Angela role. Remember her first film role? She got all the beta carotene (2:45 mark of clip) she could handle in Jack Frost. Here, she is throwing a Halloween party at the old abandoned creepy house outside of town. Everyone is coming, by everyone I mean Monica Keena and a few chicks (Dioara Baird, Bobbie Sue Luther and Tiffany Shepis) with perfect breasts. Oh, and Edward Furlong and the 20 pounds he has gained come along for the ride as well.

The plot is simple, everyone begins turning into demons and killing each other. That isn’t really what the movie is about, though. Night of the Demons is firmly centered on boobs and blood. Fans of the original will be happy to know that he remake answers on all accounts. Especially the boobs. Boobs. Boobs.

But wait, what about the lipstick scene? I won’t spoil it (because I’m not a douche), but suffice to say it is something to behold (click here for NSFW preview and to see some of the finest boobs on Earth). My concerns for the film quickly disappeared after that scene. Gierasch knew exactly how to pay tribute and up the ante. And it’s not just in that scene. He clearly paid close attention to the original as scores of homages are present throughout the film. If you haven’t seen the original in a while, do yourself a favor and watch it before you see this one. You will be able to appreciate the remake on a higher level.

Boobs and liquor.

The soundtrack kicks major ass too. Music is so important in horror films and here it adds a lot to the vibe of the film. NOTD feels like a cool ’80s flick. I think I am going to track down a few of the artists and get them on my mixes. Good stuff.

The biggest flaw with the film is it didn’t push any new boundaries. It should have been a lot more creative in the kill department. None of the kills were of the “OMG” variety. A bit of a letdown considering what some of the new horror around town is turning out. Night of the Demons is sadly pretty tame by modern standards.

Final verdict: A solid remake. Fans of the original will not be let down. And boobs.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 2009

Check out the trailer (one of the best for a horror movie this year):

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  • Spooky Sean

    Well, even a so-so movie with demons and boobs, is still pretty rad.

  • Micah


  • Thomas

    Dont you think putting so many more people into the mix was a mistake? Also Missing:
    -black pirate
    -alice in wonderland costume
    -the original grainy-ness that made it so enjoyable

  • Skymooood

    It’s never like the 80′s