Satan’s Little Helper

This is one those films that if you have Netflix, you probably see every day. It’s got the kick ass cover art. If it was 1994, this would be the movie that movie you rent from Blockbuster based solely on box art. The best part? Satan’s Little Helper is an effective independent thriller destined for many repeat Halloween viewings.

A naïve kid (read: incredibly stupid) gets addicted to a hand-held video game appropriately named Satan’s Little Helper. In the game you run around and help Satan kill people and cause general mayhem. It’s like Grand Theft: Satan. In real life the kid decides he would like to be Satan’s helper. He goes wandering around his neighborhood and happens across a serial killer wearing a dastardly costume. He applies for the job of accessory to murder and, lucky for us, the killer accepts. What happens from here is a lot of amoral fun.

He recruits the killer to come back to his house and take care of his sister’s boyfriend because, well, the boyfriend is an artist/douchebag. Also, the little boy wants to marry his sister. Yes, that would be considered incest. Why that is thrown into plot is beyond me. But I love it. Due to some sort of mix up, everyone thinks the masked killer is actually the boyfriend. Can you imagine? Oh, the shenanigans!

Even serial killers have to shop

The dumb kid and Satan troll around town and gleefully kill, poison, and run over people. Just like in the video game. The whole time the little boy assigning points for the varying degree of the kills. Ya know, 100 points for the old man, 50 points for pregosuarus rex and her stroller. Eventually, in an exceptionally well chosen costume change, the serial killer exchanges his Satan costume for a Jesus one before getting his kill back on. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

While the movie is undoubtedly a pitch-black comedy, it still manages to squeeze in quite a few chills. In particular, the scenes with the sister, who is played by the beautiful Katheryn Winnick, are disturbingly creepy. By the time the finale rolls around the film has taken a decidedly twisted route that horror fans are sure to love.

Director Jeff Lieberman managed to get every ounce of fear and funny out this black as night horror comedy.

Rating: 7/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ (Will keep you up)

IMDB 2004


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