Lust for a Vampire

October 23, 2010 10:02 pm 1 comment

Alright. I am a bit tipsy, but for a good reason. I just spent the last four hours doing two things: Shooting a home video-esque werewolf short (I will put up on the site one we are done with post) and hittin’ the sauce with Chris Roth, the editor of Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Leprachaun, Mother effin’ HATCHET!!!!! and a host of other great horror movies. Seriously. My fun-loving (Read: likes the booze) neighbor is friends with one of the persons responsible for some of my favorite movies of all time. How cool is L.A.?

Hammer horror is usually pretty tame…for me. I like my horror a bit crazy, and all gruesome. Thankfully, this film comes from the period when Hammer redefined themselves and made an effort to create”edgier” films (aka – almost softcore). The whole classic vampire thing just doesn’t do it for me. Lesbian vampire chicks on the other hand…do! Lust for a Vampire features enough breasts and lesbianism to make Fred Olen Ray happy.

A writer visits a town that has been cursed by vampires every 40 years. It just so happens that his visit coincides with the 40th anniversary of the last visit. The cursed vampires live in a large (supposedly abandoned castle) next to a school of hot young girls. Like where this is going? I do. The writer (A male with a libido) stops off at the school and falls in love with a super hottie. Her breasts are worth the price of admission alone. It’s all good, minus the fact that she is mostly a lesbian. Gotta love the ’70s and gratuitous nude scenes.Turns out the vampire 40 year curse is real. The master vampire, predictably and awesomely, collects hot chicks to be his unholy followers. I love this idea. The girl the writer falls in love with is one such victim.

Lust for a Vampire is trashy, and all together a lot of fun. Fans of old school Hammer horror may not like this one, but fans of hot chick vampires with exceptional breasts will. And that my friends is a mostly good thing.

Rating: 7/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB: 1971


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  • Tromeric

    Shout out for Mr Olen Ray. Love it.