Army of Darkness w/Bruce Campbell Q/A

I just got back from a screening of Army of Darkness on the big screen in glorious 35mm print. And while the movie was (insert superlative here), the whole evening was even better than (insert hyperbole) because Bruce Campbell and Richard Grove (Henry the Red) showed up for a Q&A session. I was able to take all of this in because of a beautiful and awesome friend of mine. Seriously, she is that hot-nerdy-comic-book-horror-movie loving-chick that guys dream about.

Having seen Army of Darkness somewhere just north of 50 times (which wasn’t even close to the most out of the group assembled there, Bruce posed the question); I was admittedly excited for to see it on a big screen for the first time. It didn’t disappoint. The crowd energy was pretty good for an L.A. crowd (though not anywhere nearly as crazy-electric as being in a town where screenings and actors don’t come around a lot) with lots of quoting, laughing and clapping throughout the evening.

On a scale of 1-1000 the movie ranks somewhere around a 987. (Note: Why don’t more people do thousand point scales? I might be onto something here.) Another note: I have a dog named Ash. Anything Evil Dead related that I write should be taken with a massive grain of salt. I only deal in hyperboles and superlatives when it comes to these films (See: first paragraph, sentence two).

The original Evil Dead is the seminal horror film for in my life. I bought it last minute (on VHS) from a Fred Meyer shopping center on the way to a weekend trip to a friend’s cabin. I picked it up solely because it had a cabin and a cool name. The movie went over like gangbusters – the “pencil meets ankle” scene literally brought the house down and made all the girls run away. I was sold. The rest is history.

Rather than breakdown the movie and gush like a fanboy with Bruce Campbell tattooed on his back (I have zero tattoos, sadly); I am just going to jot down some fun things from tonight’s event.

Things I learned or saw or enjoyed tonight (Anything in quotes were said by Bruce/Ash):

  • “The f*ck out of my face” line from Ash was way funnier tonight that it ever had been before.
  • Along with a chemistry book in the trunk of Ash’s car, he also had a copy of Fangoria Magazine.  I’ve noticed it before, but seriously, how cool was it for Fangoria to get a nod from Raimi and company? Answer: Über cool.
  • Skeletons have the lung capacity to play bagpipes even without vocal cords or any feasible way to blow the necessary air to create sound. Of course, they can talk too so the whole point is moot.
  • Ash is really quite good at fighting with two swords, against two enemies, while only focusing on one enemy.
  • Saying “Give me some sugar” in Mandarin got some guy laid in China.
  • The first crane used in the opening “car dropping out of sky scene” toppled over and nearly killed a special effects guy. The guy literally ducked under the crane as it grazed him. “He would have been spaghetti sauce” if it had landed on him.
  • George Lucas is a douche for going back and re-editing his own films. I whole heartedly agree with Bruce on this one.
  • One girl in the audience had a “heaving bosom” and was wearing a Bruce Campbell shirt.
  • Bruce paid some kid three American dollars for having a tattoo of Evil Dead on the kid’s arm.
  • The girl I awkwardly hit on at Amoeba, while we were both looking at movies in the horror section, ended up right behind Susan and I in line for popcorn and soda. She had her boyfriend with her. I wonder if she thought I was a douchecon level 3 kinda guy because I had a girl with me and literally moments before was hitting on her. Too bad for her. She was definitely with the wrong guy.

That about sums it up. Fun evening. Fun movie. If you haven’t yet, make sure and catch Bruce at a screening. His Q&A sessions are hilarious (for anyone, regardless of fandom level) and worth the price of any admission.

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