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I made a Craigslist ad for this movie because it pissed me off so bad. Not a joke.

The ad comes complete with tons of grammatical errors as can be expected from anything posted on the internet. Click the pic a couple times to make it bigger (it breaks my tables unless I do it this way) or click HERE to see the ad.

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  • Micah

    I’ll post any good replies I get to the ad in the comments section.

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  • Micky Pain

    Well, I found with the right mix of gin, tonic and a fair helping of Ouzo, this movie was passable – although, I might have imagined most of the interesting parts about it in my stupor.
    And I might have been jaded by the atrociously bad two movies I watched before that…

    Anyway, I think the premise was pretty cool, the execution not so much and it could have certainly done with some nice boob-age.

    (P.S. tables are bad anyway, try to stick with divs and you’ll be so much happier)

  • Micah

    Moral of the story: Alcohol can cure everything – even a bad movie.

    The writing is what turned me off the most. This could have been really cool if, say, someone that knew how to write had gotten ahold of it.

    Oh well, Guillermo Del Toro is working on an a big budget film adaptation of one of my favorite Lovercraft short stories. Hope abounds…

  • Sean Thompson

    Yeah, this shit was pretty weak.

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