Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Silver Shamrock!

Back when I was still too young to know better, I thought I hated this film. Lucky for me, I wasn’t killed off by a maniacal corporation and replaced by an android. If that had happened, then I wouldn’t have had the chance to grow up and realize this film as one of the best Halloween movies (I’ll take it over about 8 others, give or take one) in the franchise.

Don’t get me wrong. If Evil Dead 4 was released, sans Ash, plus rubber masks; I would explode in anger. Due to the insane levels of fanboy hate the Internet would collapse upon itself creating a black hole that would suck planet earth into oblivion. Sam Raimi would be tracked down and unceremoniously beaten senseless. Come to think of it. It’s probably a good thing the Web wasn’t around when this film opened. Halloween III: Season of the Witch was simply too far ahead of its time.

Personally, I love how the ‘80s had no shame about trying to capitalize on a name. Friday the 13th: The Series is one of my favorite shows, yet after seeing every single episode I still can’t tell you what the connection is (outside of a hockey mask making a cameo) between the series and everyone’s good pal Jason V. A suit somewhere thought they could cash in on a brand and voila, the movie was born. Why does that seem familiar? Oh, that’s right! Hollywood REMAKES!

Told ya there is lasers!

Tom Atkins (Night of the Creeps, The Fog) does his thing –he  plays a badass. It’s what he does best. He beds the ladies, solves mysteries, rescues the needy, saves EVERY American kid and stops television broadcasts. And when he isn’t saving the future, he practices medicine. Yes, it’s true “The Most Interesting Man” stole his shtick from Mr. Atkins.

I’m writing this review assuming you have seen this movie, because if you haven’t, we aren’t friends. But, just for fun, let me recap the plot. An evil company, Silver Shamrock employs a bunch of androids and has a plan to kill the children of America (I take this personally being a child of the ‘80s). Their plan involves creating Halloween masks that when activated, by the most annoying jingle ever created, will melt the brains of the kids wearing said mask. Side effects include: random snakes, worms and bugs oozing out from the corpses. The plan was fool proof; minus the part where Tom Atkins comes along and whoops some android ass. There is also some witchcraft, Stonehenge, head removals, gut punches, and LASERS thrown in at no extra charge.

If you can’t get behind a plot like that then there is no hope for you.

Rating: 7/10

Snore Factor: ZZ (It’ll keep ya up)

IMDB 1982

Silver Shamrock Jingle:

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  • http://gutsandgrogreviews.blogspot.com tromeric

    I love the Friday series. I loved it when it was on and still love it. Just watched through it recently. Silver Shamrock give me a bone. Not in a creepy kids wearing masks kind of way but in its kind of a bad ass movie kind of way.

  • http://www.365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    Friday the 13th series rules. I love the two-parter where Ryan falls for an Amish chick. What ever happened to Mickey? She just fell of the face of the earth.

    Is the Halloween III movie that is coming out next year going to be a remake of this one? That would blow some minds.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll post a link from wiki about Mickey, but Friday the 13th the series was great. That show also was ahead of it’s time and they should think about doing a remake for today’s audience. Also the night of the witch was good. I remember being a kid and that music from the commercial was a big thing at that time. I have a question though, was the CEO of the company an ancient Warlock/wizard? The reason why I say this is when he was explaining the blood sacrifice from 3 thousand years ago, it almost seems he was reliving it in his mind. I think he was at least 3 thousand years old.


  • http://www.365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    So yeah, she just kinda disappeared and moved to France. Seems like she should have been able to have a long career in television. I blame it on the one name credit – Robey. Did she think she was Madonna or something?

    I like the thought on the warlock CEO guy.

  • Vistashow1000

    Halloween III is my favourite Halloween sequel. I stopped watching ther series after Halloween 4.

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  • http://toxicpunkette.blogfree.net/ Iori

    i haven’t seen this one but its on my to watch list.