265+ Reviews in the Bank: A Reflection

I officially have less than 100 films left to review until the completion of my batsh*t crazy, soul-stealing, time-vampire of a  project is complete. Ain’t life grand? The light at the end of this blood-soaked tunnel has finally appeared. What that means for you, my loyal readers, is another interview, to follow up my previous three interviews (One, Two, Three) with myself. My narcissism knows no bounds. And just for the record, your kind words (and clicks) are the fuel that feeds this self-absorbed high-horse of a quest to 365. You have no one to blame but yourselves (Editor’s Note: It’s not always best to alienate your reading audience, sometimes you should at least pretend to be nice). Yep, I upgraded and got myself a fake editor to look over my fake interview. If you are counting at home, I now have two fake employees working for me.

Question: You’ve proven it to be quite easy to watch and review a film every night. That is, if you are a loser without a social life.

Micah: Well, it’s a routine now and it is far, far from easy. I guess like almost anything, once you settle in it becomes second nature. Like how the Jewish people got used to concentration camps (Editor’s Note: You absolutely cannot compare the Holocaust and your movie watching project, remove this NOW!!!).

Q: Let’s get down to brass tacks. Tell me about your dating life and lack thereof.

M: Match.com is a wonderful place. I feel no need to comment further.

Q: Moving on. For some reason you have more and more readers and followers. How have you let this gone to your head?

M: What? Being totally famous? Basically, I just wish I had a nickel for every time I am stopped and asked for an autograph. But I will admit, I love hearing the whispers when I pass through a room, “Look Ma, it’s that guy from the movie reviews. The dude who left the original Halloween off his Top 50 Horror Films list. He can eat a bag of dicks.” “Stay away son. I hear he has cancer-aids.”

Q: In all seriousness. This blog has got to be tough on you, your friends, and what real relationships you have left.

M: When I started this thing almost nine months ago it was like being tossed into the deep abyss of a Chilean mine shaft. Pitch black. No hope of getting out. I survived the first few months with very little support from anyone. Over the summer the blog picked up steam and I began to think I might be able to make it. During that time I met a special friend who is not only a professional editor (What are the odds?), but is one of the most consistently beautiful and caring persons I have ever met. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I love her!

I also remember when Matt from Chuck Norris Ate My Baby (and a few other great blogs) threw me a mention bone. I was super-excited for the love. Speaking of Matt, the story about his fiancée, Liz, and him is so heart-warming that even thinking about it makes me nearly tear up. It’s the truest kind of love. The short of it, Liz donated a kidney to Matt, ya know, so he could live. I barely know the guy outside a few interactions, but it’s nice to know that within the blogging community there are such great people. I wish the both of them the absolute best. (Editor’s Note: That was a sweet thing to say and should stay.)

Q: What are some of your favorite reviews? Ya know, the ones that suck less than most of your writing.

M: Well, for me, I will always love writing about bad films. Stuff like my fake Craigslist ad for Altitude or terrible films from Asylum like 2010: Moby Dick and Haunting of Winchester House top my list.

Q: That’s all the time we have. Last thoughts?

M: A big thanks to everyone who reads this blog! This has been such a fun experience. I will take you all out for drinks someday – promise.

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  • http://twitter.com/Mattsuzaka Matthew House

    You sir, are too kind! I truly envy that you can get in a movie and a review a day, but I can only imagine how taxing it can be. Keep it up, and I appreciate the nice things you said in your interview more than I appreciate the holocaust!

  • http://www.365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    Ha. Thanks man! I am getting there…slowly but surely. Hope you are well.