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Another gem of ’80s horror has been released on Netflix Instant which is quickly morphing from a place to view crappy late 2000′s direct-to-disc horror to having access to piles of decent old school choices – most of the rarer variety. I’m personally really digging it having seen quite a few long lost genre films of my childhood of which Waxwork is included.

Waxwork is bloody, campy and sometimes erotic ride through almost the entire landscape of horror. A group of teens are trapped in a wax museum full of scenes ripped from nightmares: Werewolves, Dracula, Marquis De Sade, Evil Dead, Mummies and a few others. It’s a monster mash-up movie of enormous proportions. The key to the film is each time a teen gets to close to an exhibit they are magically transformed into that world and must try and survive – if they can. Spoiler: Most of them can’t and it is one hell of a bloody ride.

Each scene is well constructed – no corners cut or cheap looking monsters. In fact, quite the contrary, the monsters all looked awesome and in some cases quite fearsome. Out of all of the scenes, the best by far is the Marquis De Sade portion. The incredibly sexy young actress strapped up and being whipped by the big man himself makes for a surprisingly effective sensual and somewhat erotic moment. And manages to work in the line, “She had her first orgasm at the end of a whip!” But this movie isn’t full of smut like that, no, that is just one of many scene. Jon Rhy Davies (Sliders) for example, plays a pretty sweet bloodthirsty werewolf in another scene.

Schlock and gorehounds will love this film. It’s the perfect mix of ’80s radness blended with a superb mix of monsters. And if you need some laughs just check out the wax figures who have a habit of moving and blinking regularly – when they aren’t supposed to.

Rating: 7/10

Snore Factor: ZZ

IMDB 1988


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  • Thomas

    Oh my god is this the movie where the college kids go to the creepy wax meuseum and they each go into a scene? I love this movie ive been looking for it forever thank you man. the second one sucks just as a warning- they all get lost in space?

  • http://www.365HorrorMovie.com Micah

    This is the one and it’s awesome! If I would have had more time I could have wrote about this one all day. One of my favorites from the ’80s.

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