Love Me Deadly

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An obscure film with bizarre plot. Classic 70′s bad movie with terrible pacing throughout. Sure to make you fall asleep.

Plot: A woman fights an internal battle over whether to date men who are alive or one’s who are already dead. Yep, she is a necro.

Some movies have red flags: This one straight up tells you it sucks. During the snooty British piracy warning, a man rambles on about, and I quote, “Any one causing this movie to be seen or heard in public will face severe penalties.” Very forward of them to let us know.

This bad movie starts during a funeral. A sad, heart-broken, pretty hot for the 70′s woman hangs out in the back of the church. She is apparently lurking. A James Bond like opening song ends every line with the word, “deadly”. i.e…Kiss me deadly, kill me deadly, touch me deadly. This takes an excruciating eight minutes and fifteen seconds.

She kisses the dead guy in the coffin and off we go into flashback mode. There are more pointless flashbacks in the first 20 minutes, than in an episode of family guy. No joke. Through these flashbacks we find out stuff, important stuff. At least that is what I think. Not sure because none of it made sense.

My favorite scene in the movie and easily the most disturbing comes moments later. The head of the necrophilia cult (we find this out later on) goes to a strip club. All right…at least we will get to see some 70′s boobs right? Wrong! It is a gay strip club. He pulls up and right away a man dressed as a sailor, complete with hat and scarf, approaches him and solicits sex. Man, he must be proud of his role! Gay or not this was just embarrassing. He’s like a less likable version of Big Gay Al from South Park.

Back to our heroin, she struggles dating real men and lurks around several funerals making out with dead guys when given a chance. Eventually the necro leader and her meet up. He invites her to one of their “meetings”. She goes, her boyfriend follows, he dies, she cries.

This is a bizarre and strange movie that will surely leave your mind boggled.

Favorite line of the film:

“That’ll be a groove”  – Dolores (said moments before her untimely death.)

And this one:

After a man states to woman that she left her purse inside. “It’s okay; I have keys in my car.” (Think about that for a minute.)

Rating: 4/10

Snore Factor: ZZZZ

IMDB 1973


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