Trip with Teacher

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I am working my way through a Mill Creek 12 movie set full of old schlocky stuff, so bear with me as I get a few “Gore House” greats out of the way. After that I am doing a killer Christmas, obviously! And boy do I have some funs ones lined up. If you have any suggestions for Christmas (outside of the easy picks, let me know).  Alright, without further ado let’s talk about ‘70s sleaze exploitation film.

For starters, only watch this kind of move if you know what you are getting into. It’s an acquired taste (one I don’t particularly like) and these types of films were made to shock and scare the Bible-lovin’ Americans and anyone with sensible sensitivities. Trip with Teacher fits nicely into the mold and features all sorts of depraved acts, nudity, and violence (mostly against women). Of course, this is all justified when the baddies get it in the end. Yeah, that totally makes up for watching misogynist acts. From a psychological standpoint I wonder about the folks who get their rocks off to this kind of film. I am sure it’s a topic that could be explored in great depth. Come to think of it. S&Man does a pretty good job of exploring why people watch horror, specifically the nasty, realistic, smutty stuff.

A bunch of girls with shorts of varying length, on actual yellow short bus, head out to Mexico for a field trip with their teacher. The bus breaks down and a biker gang begins to terrorize them because that is what biker gangs do in movies. Zalman King of Red Shoe Diaries fame plays the leader and does so rather effectively. He is a sadistic dude with wild ’70s hair, stupid sunglasses and a penchant for terrible ideas. After mowing down and killing the bus driver, who was trying to protect the girls, Zalman hatches a plan to kill everyone else. Duh! It’s the logical thing to do. Kill 7 more people. That’ll never backfire. No other solution even crossed his mind. Of course, he isn’t doing the killing before before raping as many of the girls as possible.

Trip for Teacher is relatively uncompromising and the lack of production values adds to the overall vibe of the film. It looks and feels like a slimy revenge flick ala Last House on the Left. Is that good or bad? You decide. I am not a big fan of the stuff.

Sleazy trash that should only be watched by the brave and fans of smut. Though it’s not particularly violent enough or exploitative to be on par with the “best” films in its genre. Pass.

Rating: 3/10

Snore Factor: ZZZZ (Sleepy stuff)

IMDB 1975


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