Silent Night Deadly Night

Another day closer to Christmas means another holiday horror themed movie for me to watch and write about. Hooray! Tonight I am starting the five (ugh) part franchise of Silent Night films. While I really enjoy the first film for what it is – a gore soaked slasher flick with a one note plot – the remaining films in the franchise are not nearly as good (massive understatement). But we’ll get into those over the next four days. In the meantime, let’s talk about the film that Siskel and Ebert hated so much that they publicly called out the filmmakers and producers saying any money made from the movie should be considered “blood money”. Which is funny because that is exactly the kind of publicity that helps create a cult classic like this one.

Young Billy witnesses his parent’s murder by a low-life in a Santa Claus suit while hiding in the bushes. Understandably, he’s not big on the jolly dude, but, now as an Orphan in Catholic run Orphanage; the Mother Superior is forcing him to participate in Christmas related activities. This doesn’t go well and he is basically abused and punished repeatedly by the Mother Superior, including being tied to his bed. Ahh, the joys of being Catholic. Noting like massive amounts of guilt and punishment for the most minor of crimes. Why does everything have to be right or wrong? Naughty or Nice?

Eventually Billy grows up and gets a job at toy store. Everything is peachy until he is asked to wear a Santa suit and talk to the kids. Then, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, all the suppressed memories come back. Billy decides to dish out his own version punishment for the naughty – using Christmas lights, antlers, sleds, and host of other fun “toys.”

The gore is relatively intense, especially for the time frame the movie was made in. A lot of random breasts free themselves from the tyranny of their shirts as well. So, yeah it’s a slasher flick through and through. The film never manages to rise out of the one trick pony store, but as a Christmas themed horror movie I consider this a yearly must watch. It’s just so over the top and fun that it is hard to not like as a horror fan. I wonder how many of you who read this saw this film as a kid; I can only imagine the damage it would have done to my psyche had I seen it first at an impressionable age.

This is yuletide slasher horror at it goriest and most ridiculous.

Rating: 6.5/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1984


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