Silent Night Deadly Night 2

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This sequel was shot in a 10 days span in Pasadena, California. Honestly, that should give you all you need to know about the quality of this film. This is not a good film. By a long shot. What it is, though, is a film that is so outrageously bad that is transcends itself into that special place in B-movie heaven. Where only the worst of the worst exist, to be watched, mocked and enjoyed by connoisseurs of a different sort.

Having just watched the original film, I was able to do some laundry, pay bills, and write a few Christmas cards during the first 45 minutes of this film. Why? Simple. The first 45 minutes are a scene-by-scene recap of the entire first film. Yes, for half of the running time the film is a series of flashbacks to the source material. It’s like watching a more tightly edited version of the first film. I know. I know. You are thinking to yourself that my getting some laundry done was a pretty good idea and you are totally right.

Eventually, Ricky, the brother of the killer from the original, finishes up telling the entire story of the first film to his psychiatrist. Now, it’s FINALLY time to start in on the sequel. Basically, Ricky goes crazy (runs in the family) and says the words, “naughty” and “punish” entirely too much. It’s actually about 50% of his total dialogue.

But that is where the enjoyment of watching this movie comes from. Eric Freeman’s acting performance as Ricky is without a doubt one of the worst performances in genre history. It’s so bad and so laughable that I actually feel embarrassment for they guy, almost 25 years after the film was made. It’s impossible to describe his overacting with words, it simply has to be watched to be believed.

Of all the one-liners the most memorable has to be the “Garbage Day!!!!” line. It’s become an international YouTube sensation after all. Ricky is running down a street shooting everyone in sight when he comes across a poor suburbanite guy taking out his trash. Ricky then belts out his stunning one-liner. But if you take it past that line you can find many more gems like, “F*ck off, Doc” or “Red Car. Good point.” I know they don’t necessarily sound funny on their own, but believe me they are. It’s all in the delivery. My face is still smarting a bit from so much laughing.

Keeping in mind that everything in the movie is laughably bad (it’s on par with Troll 2) the film still manages to be entertaining once Ricky gets going. It’s like a train wreck that you just can’t keep watching. Ricky goes ape with knives, guns, and even a set of electrified jumper cables all the while delivering a performance for the ages. It’s a freakin’ riot!

Rating: 2/10

Snore Factor: ZZZZ

IMDB 1987

Top 5 Quotes (watch this):

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